Hell-o February! It’s that crazy time of the year most of us (single & taken) love to hate and hate to love, for more reasons than one. Vday-Dday.  The self-proclaimed universal day of love. Added pressure on making it the perfect night. Awkward first dates. Gigantic teddy bears (we need to do something about that). Gifting (yikes!). And then the bright red cherry on top of this very complicated cake – what the heck will I wear?!

Instead of a plain-Jane post I decided to break it down to the kind of date you’re going on this Valentines Day. If you’re taken, your game is the same (unless, you’re the kind who would dress-to-impress your own self- kudos girl!). If you are in the “let’s explore” stage, things are looking rather interesting! (And if you’re well, single- not looking to mingle and its all about Netflix murder documentaries for you this year, we get you).

Anyway, here it goes- The three dates you’re possibly going to have this year and how to dress for them.

Date # 1: The Mr Big (Reference- Sex & The city, if you don’t know who I am talking about, turn on Hotstar right now) kinda guy: There’s something about him that’s mysteriously sexy; this one will keep you on your toes. We reckon its going to be a cordon bleu meal and you’ve gotta stay on top of your game. Get out your (never fails) LBD, a pair of strappy ‘choos (or the like) and slap on some Ruby Woo. It’s all about the classic chic vibe here and a splash of bright red lip.


Date # 2: The Chocolate-boy next door (basically my first crush and yours too) : Movie night? Bowling? When the guy on the other end has choco written all over him, you must go all LAVA! Think deep V-Neck paired with red scarf/ neck-tie (they are uber cool, FYI). P.S: Winged eye is a must to take it from damsel to diva.



Date #3 :  The edgy, rock star one ( Chris Martin, anyone?) : Date night will probably be something more casual & fun with this type. Beers at his favourite dive bar or catching an underground gig or maybe dinner & Karaoke? Keep it confident, cool & kinda edgy here (channel your inner Gal Gadot). Something leather, a funky accessory to give you that edge and that “I’m too good for this sh*t/ daring attitude maybe? Else, glossy red nails are always in vogue.



So that’s what we have for now ladies. Incase you would like any more styling tips, do mail us. Also we would love to see the way you rock your red this Valentines day! Do send us pictures.

Till then




  1. Way to go… This is awesome. Looking forward to more awesomeness ❤️

  2. Aanchal so so proud of u , u look like a diva !! Always loved your style from the very first day I met you !! Just loved your post and so so looking forward for more of them !

  3. Loved the article.. Wished it could go on and on.. You nailed it like always 💝💝

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