Come Spring and all we see is color popping- flower choking kind of feels! Nothing against flowers, trust me! I love them.. Just a tad bit more in my living room than my dressing room. Lol! So what do we wear this Spring, you ask? Bring out those “trenches”! Oh no! Hell no! Not the ones you drown in; the lightweight ones that are springy, comfy and very very trendy! Now don’t say- I ain’t no fashion victim blah! If you love trenches, they love you back. Simple!

And listen, before spring is over and we say hell-o dreaded summer, wear them and drench them trench! All right?

Now, we all have mental images of light and bright, one key piece that is overlooked in this part of the world is the most classic of all staples- The Trench Coat. It is often believed that trench coats are a part of winter fashion (think of all the street style pictures of your favourite fashionistas strutting stuff- big coat, boots and oversized you’ve stalked on Instagram). However, I am here to break that myth and get you believing in the Trench for Spring vibe.

Myth #1-20 about the misunderstood trench is that it is only available in heavy duty, winter fabrics. NO! Please get that image of Sherlock Holmes out of your head. Lightweight trench coats have a 100% cotton lining (sleeves are 100% viscose) and have a 100% cotton outer layer –Gabardine- which is a tightly woven fabric making it impenetrable against weather and wear.

If all of the above is too technical for you, just ditch the myth and wear your trench just how you like it… with some colour!

How I brought colour to my Trench outfit? Paired them with red track pants!

Trench paired with Red Tracks


Myth #20 -40 revolves around it only looks good on particular kind of body type. THIS is where I am going to give you my two (or 50) cents.

First things first, trench coats look fab on EVERYONE. Age, body type, height no bar (should be applicable to more things I say) and us Indian women, especially kill it (no bias here, I promise). They are super versatile and can be flattering on anyone. But just in case, you feel it drowns you or takes more from you than gives you, I have a never-fail tip!

What’s that? Pair it with flared denims! It instantly adds height. See here.

Trench paired with flared denims


Myth #40-50 revolves around its styling. The Trench Coat is like that LBD; wherein you can style it in so many ways. I can quickly think of at least 10 ways. But after a couple of tips given above, let me tell you how you can wear without having a nervous breakdown. Pair it with basics that take you from basic to bae-sic!

How I wore it with basics? Paired them with black leggings (some of us live in them)!

Trench and basics


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