I got it from my mama, and you did too.

A day that celebrates motherhood… ideally that should be every day but come on, if mums weren’t our punching bags, our cuddly hugs or our master chefs- we really won’t give them some extra love on a particularly special day! (My mum is still my sponge. She absorbs all my good, bad and ugly.. I mean there is Mr. Husband too but we don’t have “spouse day”. Thank God!)

And, fathers are fathers but mothers are always EXTRA! If you are a mum and you know what it really is to be a mum -like, in my case. I’m perpetually harping about being one because I now know what it is to take s*** and still be selfless. There, I said it (honest, I Know. Lol)

Moving on… Since we are talking about celebrating Mother’s Day and  our oh-so special mums, I wanted to tell y’all about yummy mummies.

First of all, it has nothing to do with food. Secondly, yummy mummy is not about being skinny or about perfect all the time! Okay? Are we clear? Good. (Don’t let reality TV fool you).


So then, who is a yummy mummy? Literally, every mummy! It takes a lot (and I mean ALOT) to be a mom. Going through that 9-month period of weight gain, hormonal changes, mood swings and my god- sleepless nights. Not finding a comfy position to sleep in, constant bathroom trips- hello TB! (tiny bladder all of a sudden), sudden panic attacks to name a few.. urgh.

And just when you have popped (after an insane amount of pain and discomfort- hello labour), you realize pregnancy was easier. Breast feeding, constantly crying baby, pain in the stitches… 
Do I really need to go on? Isn’t this reason enough for every mummy to be a yummy one?


Now that we have established that , there’s one disconnect. Dressing well! Kudos to you, if you have managed to drop the post baby weight and if you haven’t, don’t let it get the better of you. Seriously, it isn’t the end of the world. Rather embrace yourself. I wont lie, it took me a while to get there myself.. and I promise you, Kareena Kapoor Khan did too!

So here it goes :

  • Wear your size- There’s no point squeezing into something two sizes smaller and looking like you’re stuck in a wrong plastic bag.
  • It doesn’t have to be a tent– Yes, I know “oversized fashion” is cool (I do it a lot) but not every body type can work it. And also, oversized fashion is one thing and wrong size is another.


  • Groom, groom, groom! – Find that time to take care of yourself. We all have days when our hair isn’t perfect, our nail paint might be chipped or our eyebrows overgrown. But, I’m talking about hygiene. Look clean! And hey, there’s make-up to make you glow. Mums don’t always have the time for facials and face-masks 😉 
  • Eat right and work out – First of all, a disclaimer here. This one has little to do with losing weight and becoming a Victorias Secret model overnight and more to do with endorphins and the feel good factor. Lets face it, kids are stressy. Which leads to stress eating (basically everything). DON’T. Remember to get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in your body for the extra energy you now require. Also make sure to take a few hours out every week to hit the gym (or the mat, or really, whatever form of exercise you enjoy). It is SO important to get that ‘me time.’ It shows on your skin, hair and in general, all round demeanor.


  • A glass of wine– This one is pretty self explanatory. Please, you’re human. Cut yourself some slack. I am not talking tequila shots at 4 am, but seriously. Go for it.
  • Love yourself– this is probably the most important one. Lets face it, there is cellulite. You have stretch marks. There are a few scars here and there. Love them and yourself. Your body will probably never be like it was at 21 again (I am talking about the inside too) but hey! You’re a tigress. You’ve earned those stripes. Be proud. Of course, there are always medical treatments available and if it really is that important to you, look into that too. Do what you love! 


Okay so I am signing off here now. Do write in, tell me what you think and share some tips.

From one yummy mummy, to another!



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