June 2019


I’m so excited writing about this, that I think I need to get on a plane, PRONTO! So welcome aboard- this is part 2 of your Summer Trends read that is all about “Airport Style”.
I bet you’re almost travel ready and while you think of mimosas, sand and waters… please remember the journey is something to bear in mind too. Yes, that freezing plane and swollen feet. And while you must be comfy AF, don’t be sloppy! So, I thought I’ll break down the so-called “Airport Looks” depending on your mood or personality or whatever. Basically, it’s called “travel in style”. Okay then…. get your read on!

BOSS BABE: Yes, there is such a thing as Boss Babe. Basically, you’re a control freak and you relate to “woke up like this” kind of vibe. Essentially, you like to command: and that’s your style statement. And if you’re absolutely and truly “boss babe”, you are never looking out of place. Not.One.Bit.
















































AFFABLE ARTIST: Creative, Cool, Candid. If this is what describes you best- you’re artistic and affable. Hopefully 😉 Making a style statement is the easiest thing for you- because you are fun and it reflects in at least one element you have on. Non, mademoiselle?















































THE CHILLER: And there is one- who is too cool to be schooled (in terms of styling). If you are every bit “the chiller”, you don’t overthink your outfits. You pull out what you are most comfortable in and work the heck out of it. It’s not just the clothes that speak your “chiller vibe”, it’s your attitude.
















































SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: As much as you love fashion, you are experimental to suit your social needs. From one look to another, from classy to sassy, you are every bit “butterfly”- pretty and poised. 















































Alright then… that’s a wrap. I could actually do tonnes of airport looks but you know what- to each his own. So choose your style and work it like no other! Safe Travels 🙂

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