July 2019


Hola! Lets talk make up! If you don’t like make-up, you are not alone. I can totally relate. Unfortunately I have recently been bitten by the ‘occupational hazard’ bug and I don’t really have a choice in the matter anymore!

Having said that, I do have a couple of favorites that stay put on my beauty list… They are so great that that despite my being in the company of some fabulous make-up artists, those products have held on to their spots. Okay…. Enough talking, let’s start painting. Yes… make up is an art (or so I have learnt J )

First and foremost, if you’re blessed with great skin, “less is more” applies to you (pretty much like me… pardon my narcissism, that I believe is also an occupational hazard in this case). 

And in case you have tricky skin (how I like to call it because there are soooo many kinds TBH), take it one step at a time?

Rule No. 1: No matter how great make-up is, not looking after your skin is no excuse. So make sure you’re PERPETUALLY hydrated!

After dabbling into all kinds of make-up (only very recently), I have found the perfect list! Warning: It does NOT work on fussy people!

1. Prime, Prime, Primer! : It is absolutely essential for having good skin since it preps and protects it from all kinds of things. I have tried quite a few and finally found MY FAVORITE. (And no, it’s not MAC. Lol!) This one is a bit hard to get a hold of, but once you do, there’s no looking back and you’ll travel anywhere for it (or make someone do it) . Round of applause people(oh yeah, it’s that good): Bare Minerals! Comes in different skin tones, works like magic. It is literally THE ONLY PRODUCT I use on my face. No foundation, no concealer, nothing! Works like a charm and is my make-up BFF.



2. Blushin like you’re Crushin’- I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use blush. We have been hearing about them rosy cheeks forever. The blush on  I have a crush on? Charlotte Tilbury “Love is the drug” blush.  By the way, I just broke mine but I love it so much, I’m still using it. Btw..accepting gifts all year round.. just sayin’ lol!


3. Contour: Now listen very very carefully, if you’re blessed with a great jawline (which I’m not, hardly a flaw I know 😉 ), you don’t have to worry about this one. But, I am not a make-up artist and all those palettes ,colour combinations,  blah too hectic for me. So what do I use? Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Contour Band. It is so frikkin’ easy to use and really does lead to a great jawline and fantastic photos!


4. Mascara Muse!! Big lashes are better than big boobs.. in my not-so-humble opinion. And I had never liked any mascara enough… sometimes it’s the brush, sometimes it’s the liquid, sometimes it’s just very blah and doesn’t give the desired effect. And, I’m not crazy enough (yet) to get false lashes done. However, I found what I love!! Tarte Light Camera Lashes. Even the name is so perfect!


5. Make-Up Remover: I have often felt, that one would go the extra mile to look the gorgeous bombshell one knows she can be. However, when it comes to removing that extra mile, we are always too tired or too drunk to follow the ideal make-up removal routine. But guess what, I found my perfect remover for nights I’m exhausted beyond my limits and drunk beyond them too! (We’ve all been there.) So what works like magic are two things: 1- Clinique “take the day-off” wipes that literally take the day off. Such a genius product because you can keep it in your car and when you’re on your way home, you can wipe it all away . (Follow up with a quick splash of water at home and some night moisturizer). Magical product no. 2 is -Clinique “take the day-off” balm. It is insanely effective coz it can take off every tiny bit of make-up on your face in no time.



That’s it. There’s not more to love (in make-up) from my end because like I said- I’m not a beauty junkie. Oh and I didn’t dive into the lipsticks bit because we are all (I believe) already sorted on that front. However, some fav lipstick brands would be: Mac (of course, Ruby Woo), Dior & Charlotte Tilbury.

Small confession: Charlotte Tilburry’s products are simply fab, just like her!

Bye! My kids are pulling my hair out. Literally so! Write in and let me know what your top 5 beauty must have’s are 🙂

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