Over-dressed cat. Why cat? Because cat is sexy, catwalk is fashion, cat symbolises class. You know the drill if you’re a fashionista. If not, never mind & copy that!

​I’m starting this blog or rants or style guide or handy book because I’m truly bored and I would like to kill time doing what I do best- over dress. And yes, I’m not boasting about myself but friends/ acquaintances/ random people etc constantly badger me about telling them how to dress up. I can literally teach that in two words (own it!) but like I said- I’m bored! At some point, I hope I can do more than just that. Let me first see how this goes.  Are you ready? Good. I’m not, so I’ll go with the flow.

And hey! It’s going to be erratic (just like me), unpredictable & non-spontaneous (I’m not the most photogenic person) since I like to click 100 pictures and then maybe shortlist 1.

​Alright, so get on board and start scrolling, swiping, liking, browsing, commenting, sharing & every other social media ing-s (read: whatsapping, instagramming, blah blah)!

Well okay, Curious Cat (because you asked about professional background), I’ll give you a little brief.

  • Digital Marketeer since 2007- I have worked with some top-notch digital agencies like Yahoo! & Hungama Digital Services. Also, I have helped various online shopping portals with their digital marketing strategy, styling & a whole lot more.
  • First COO of Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop (Yes, I was there at the very outset of it all. When it was nothing more than just an idea) who set it up from scratch and got it out there in the very beginning.
  • Freelance Stylist- I have styled and done creative direction for a bunch of fashion shoots (mostly for online portals).
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