Fringes are fun! Simply, because it creates a Happy Mood & great dance moves. And there are multiple ways you can wear them. Long, short, colourful or not. It can be a part of your western look, traditional look or fusion look. It’s versatile and looks good on EVERYONE. So shall we get them swinging?

Look 1: Colorful “fringe” sweatshirt
I wore it with high-waist pants in black because I wanted the colors of the fringes to pop. A top-knot and kitten heels completed the look. Easy breezy!





































Look 2: Fringe Pants

The pants have fringes on its sides so I paired it with a slightly shimmery top and knotted it. Gold oxfords (matching my top) and a top-knot (again) made for a super comfy #ootn. Dancing all night long with no sore feet (lower the heel, less tired you feel).




























Look 3: Fringe Jacket

Wearing a sleeveless gold-fringed jacket. This one is fringe heavy so I’m glad this was sleeves-free! Paired them with balloon pants and again tiny heels. Kept hair in a sleek low ponytail and let the jacket shine! Works as a western look as well as fusion.






















































Some pro tips for Fun Fringing:

  1. Try and keep fringes limited to one item of the whole look. It could be on your clothing, or your bag, or any one accessory.
  2. Let fringes be the highlight of your look. If you really want to work those fringes, it’s best to avoid anything over-powering in your outfit.
  3. Sleek hairdos are safe. When sporting fringes, it helps keeping your hair simple- a top-knot or sleek ponytail!

Have fun with fringes!

Okay then, enjoy your fringes and bust some killer dance moves. Have a fun night y’all!


Bonjour! C’est la post du Fashion Week parce que je l’aime. Ah non! This is not a French post but a post on Paris Fashion Week. I got a bit carried away because my heart and soul is has virtually visited Paris Fashion Week and I can’t live à New Delhi any more. Also, I wanted to show off (or not) my French language skills. Lol!
Moving on… Let me tell you this post will require a book publishing because there’s so so so much I want to write about. But, I’m cutting it shorter (heart sinks) because no one has the patience to scroll and love like I do! Or wait, instead of capturing designer wise, let me write about the trends to watch our for this fall. How about that?

Trend #1- Monochrome: I love this trend because it’s timeless and easy to work. And when designers like Jacquemus and Elie Saab are giving lessons, you’ve got to listen. FYI- Jacquemus is in my #crushyou category for more reasons than one.


Chanel FW’19


Elie Saab FW’19


Jacquemus FW’19

Trend #2- Box Checks: A timeless classic, thanks to the evergreen LVMH. Coming strong in various colour combinations, this one is looking chic and edgy at the same time. Get your checks on!

Louis Vuitton FW’19


Dior FW’19


Off White FW’19

Trend #3- Knee-Grazing Pants: Knee-length or slightly below or slightly above, this one is not for everyone. However, if you can work this, you are going from day to night or high-street to high-fashion in no time. Give it a go! Pair with tucked in or semi-tucked in shirts with block heels and wear a cool hat. A total winner in ODD-CAT’s books.


Celine FW’19


Miu Miu FW’19


Haider Ackermann FW’19

Trend #4- Overlays: Reminiscent of the Victorian era, overlays are for everyone. There are so many ways to work this trend- over dresses, over jeans, over everything you own. Everyday overlays are fab; think jeans, tee and a long overlay dress! You’ll never a dull moment with this one.


Chanel FW’19


Elie Saab FW’19


Valentino FW’19

Trend #5- Belted: A huge comeback this one! Again, you need to know your body type to make this one shine. If you’re a plus size, I’d reckon you stick to skinny belts (or even chain mails), if you’re an hourglass, any belt works for you accentuating a narrow waist and if you’re let’s say skinny b**** (haha), the bigger, the better! Give us a shout, if you want help with this.


Dior FW’19


Jacquemus FW’19


Altuzarra FW’19

Trend #6- “Cape” town: So we have all worn capes but this fall, the longer the better is the case. And I think it’s very wearable and very cool. Think long capes, skinny jeans (or leggings) and thigh-high boots. Who said only superheroes came with capes? All our super-women can rock them too.


Celine FW’19


Elie Saab FW’19


Miu Miu FW’19

Trend #7- Utility Pants: When comfort and style go hand-in-hand, it is everyone’s fav. And I’m certain, most of you will be leaning towards this one. Again, it works for most body types. You can wear it with a tee or a blouse or a jumper or a cropped jacket. And you can work it as brunch look or girls night out look or even a party look. I recently pulled this one for a party look and I had compliments falling in left, right, center! So get one, pronto!


Jacquemus FW’19



Stella McCartney FW’19

Trend #8- Boiler Suit: If jumpsuits, were your thing, then boiler suit is a friendlier cousin to that one. No hassles coming in and out of this one, sister. Ready, set, suit!


Dior FW’19


Hermes FW’19


Off White FW’19

Trend #9- Tux so luxe: ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! I needn’t say more and leave you to it. But let me tell you this- when you rock one, you’ll be dialing up hot & chic 100 notches, atleast. Take my word for it and get your glam on!


Alexander McQueen FW’19


Balenciaga FW’19


Givenchy FW’19

Trend #10- Cool Hatter: Hats, hats and more hats this fall. The best accessory, I would say. No bad hair days, no blow-dries, no hair dos! Just put the hat on and you’re all set. My quick-tip: add the turban to this hat season.


Valentino FW’19


Chanel FW’19


Dior FW’19


Louis Vuitton FW’19

Trend #11- “Bow”ler: Be a bow-ler and give feminism a new twist. Bows have always been the girly girl thing, but you know what, it always bring the cool cat vibe. So wear the bow even on-the-go. See how!


Jacquemus FW’19


Comme Des Garcons FW’19


Elie Saab FW’19

Trend #12- Oversized: Again, this one has been around for a while and by now you know how to make it work. A little tip though: oversized doesn’t mean clumsy frumpy. While, it’s great to hide ‘em flaws, do it in style and not like it’s not your size. Inspiration enclosed 🙂


Balenciaga FW’19


Hermes FW’19


Haider Ackermann

Trend #13- Layering: So bloggers all over the world and are telling us that how layering helps them stand out in the crowd. But, this can go terribly wrong, if you haven’t had a lesson or two in this. And sadly though, it’s not for everyone!


Chanel FW’19


Givenchy FW’19


Sacai FW’19

Trend #14: Power of Pink: It’s the colour, every fashionista is swearing by and truly there’s a unique power of pink. Gradutated from Barbie dolls to power haul! I say- wear ‘em pink y’all.


Givenchy FW’19


Chanel FW’19


Balenciaga FW’19

Phew! That was the round-up on trends from Paris Fashion Week. And TBH, there’s so much more. I have more favs, in terms of my fav looks, fav designers, etc… but let’s just wrap here. Holler me, if you need more styling advice.

Photos Courtesy:

Au revoir!

Like I said, in my previous post- I’m lovin’ the Indian hip-hop sub-culture. What was earlier just international with hot women and booze and big cars,#gullyboy has broken all perceptions and given hip-hop scene a different meaning. I dig the style and hence thought of doing an Odd-Cat spin on it. Result? See for yourself!

Metallics!- This trend has been there for a while now and mostly people don’t know how to incorporate metallic in their wardrobe without making it look “in your face”! I love OTT personally but for anyone who doesn’t, my pro-tip- “pair your metallic piece with something totally understated”– like basic pants and tee or in this case- ripped shorts & crop top. Whatever floats your boat 😉





















































Sweatshirt Cool! I’m sure y’all have a few sweatshirts in your closet. But, you can totally work your way up and own a sweatshirt dress. Trust me- it’s super comfy and yet full of swag. You don’t need anything to dress it up, the dress itself and just good pair of shoes is all it takes- to take it from nowhere to everywhere.



















Track Pants on Point! Comfort and style is mostly on everyone’s mind. And there can’t be a better way to do it – a cool pair of boots/ heels and some jewellery to add some spunk! You’re ready in 5 mins, I promise! Not feeling the heels? Never mind! Pair your track pants with a cropped sweatshirt and chunky sneakers. This is doable, right? Great! Now, you’re definitely ready in 5′





















































Denim on Denim! Denims are great addition to any trend. They can be plastered onto any trend, literally! But denim on denim, is a bit tricky. What I reckon- play with lengths and to their strengths. If  you’re wearing flared jeans, team it with cropped denim jacket, if you’re wearing denim shorts, pair it with a long denim jacket. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, pair it with denim bustier or a denim shirt in a different shade. There’s so much you can do!




































Vinyl! TBH, this is one trend that most people fail to work. Nothing wrong because this one’s hard. So if you can’t work it, don’t bother! But let’s just say you love the trend and are willing to give it a shot. My 2 cents? Get a vinyl accessory! A bag, pair of shoes or just the belt. Play it safe. 
Now, assuming that you’re an ODD-CAT and have to own “vinyl”! Rules are simple- choose only 1 garment in vinyl. You don’t want to look like a vinyl bandage. So pair the vinyl pants, with something as basic as a white tee! Or if it’s a vinyl top, pair it with something as basic as simple black pants and classic sandals.




































What’s more? Just browse through our #gullyboy shoot!


With everyone’s new anthem being #apnatimeaayega, we thought we must jump on this hip-hop bandwagon and show y’all how we are lovin’ this whole hip-hop scene in India!

I am not so happy to admit that I felt I was living under some rock. I had no clue that rap/ hip-hop is some kind of an underground culture in our country. It’s quite big and quite fashionably on-point. The outtake is- I’m learning something new. Yay! My knowledge was kind of limited to Badshah & Diljit Dosanjh thanks to mainstream Bollywood. And another revelation came about when I tuned into #koffeewithkaran and was really blown away with the swag the 2 Indian pop-artists (?) had.

Moving on… I decided to uncover some of our desi style icons and I gotta declare- they are totally workin’ it.

Meet #1 Vivian aka D I V I N E
This rapper from Mumbai has rapped his way into Bollywood, with #gullyboy. From rapping on the streets of Mumbai to the hearts of the country, his journey has nothing been short of ah-mazing! The character MC Sher in Gully Boy is inspired from his life. What a character! On screen & off-screen.
What I dig about his style? His honesty that comes through- “I am what I am” attitude bundled with a whole lotta BOLDNESS.

Vivian aka D I V I N E
Vivian aka D I V I N E



















Meet #2 NaezythebaA (Naved Shaikh)
When reality is cruel and the only choice you have is to rise UP! Meet this fella from the gullies of Mumbai where crimes were common and knowledge (let’s say- education) was uncommon. He fought his way out of it all and made a name for himself, rapping in his very own mother tongue; never ashamed of how crude it could sound! (Ouch! Spoken like a Delhiite, lol!)

What I dig about his style? Mostly, he is “HAT-ing” it. Wearing a “hat”, duh! And I gotta say, he works it each time.

Naezy aka Naved Shaikh

Naezy aka Naved Shaikh

Meet #3 Raftaar (lesser known as Dilin Nair)
Oh, I’m sure you know this one! He is famous not just for his rap but also for busting some incredible dance moves. He might be a Malyali but his vibe is very Punjabi! He often speaks of- being united (rising above cast and culture) and embracing everything he is born with! His music- I love and his style- two thumbs up!

Raftaar aka Dilin Nair

Raftaar aka Dilin Nair

Meet #4 Dopeadelicz
The band of Fantastic Four, their journey was kind of REVERSE. In the sense- they started American style and landed back in everything Indian style. Hindi, Tamil, Malyalam, Marathi- they rap it all! Indie-cool, eh?Talking about style, what (or who) stands out? Their lead rapper- Tony Sebastian (aka stony_psyko). Why, you ask? Look at his picture below. Right outta Snoop Dogg’s music video?! Okay, whatever! I like it! 

Dopeadelicz, Stony Psyko












 Meet #5 Raja Kumari
She is UNIQUE. She is BRILLIANT. She is everything INDIAN. Born and raised in America but totally Indian at heart. She moved back to her roots because she felt the connect and wanted to give back, as she once said. Having worked with big names in US- Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea, Dirty South, Fallout Boy (to name a few), she has toured the world (almost) and is now a FORCE to be reckoned with! Achievements are plenty (already) and her music rules the Hip-Hop scene (kind of)!
Her style? You CAN’T miss her. She is every bit ODD-CAT, famously called the Royalty of Hip-Hop. Lol!

Raja Kumari

Raja Kumari

Meet #6 Slow Cheetah (aka Chaitanya Sharma)
Another one from Mumbai, this one is a dapper dude! Acting, rapping- he has done it all. Jack of many but master of one is how he can be described. Not holding back, he is a promising rapper.
Style wise? Let me start by saying, he recently walked the ramp at LFW and is very “guy next door”.

Slow Cheetah aka Chaitanya Sharma

Slow Cheetah aka Chaitanya Sharma

























Meet #7 Dee MC (originally Deepa Unnikrishnan)
I have often heard of passion turning into “dream come true” experience. And, this “everything cool creature” has lived it. From writing poetry in school to writing rap for a living, I love how she breaks all gender stereotypes. Standing her ground on sticking to meaningful lyrics, she is one of a kind.
And her style? I’ll just say- she is getting some spunk into junk!

Dee MC aka Deepa Unnikrishnan

Dee MC aka Deepa Unnikrishnan
























Meet #8 Brodha V (not known as Vighnesh Shivanand, anymore)
This Bengaluru Boy’s rap is fusion at its best. He raps in English & Carnatic with beats from Hip-Hop fused with Indian classical. He created a niche from himself and music in movies hasn’t been easy. But who says- success comes easy?!
His style? Fuss-free! Hoodies, sneakers and a crooked kinda smile.

Brodha V aka Vignesh Shivanand

Brodha V aka Vignesh Shivanand

























Meet #9 Shah Rule
Privileged or not, talent speaks for itself. This is the case with this flamboyant rapper. Born in HongKong, raised in Moscow, Famous (now) in India, he is channeling the vibe of “Crazy Rich Indians” (there’s nothing wrong in that, btw). He is a global artist, FYI and has received adulation globally. You have to hear his music to understand what I’m really saying here.
Style? Hat & Bold!

Shah Rule aka Roger David

Shah Rule aka Roger David






















 Meet #10 PrabhDeep
This one hails from Delhi and hence the brashness, I believe! That’s how Delhi rolls, you see. A rough (kinda) childhood brings that punch of rebel & revenge attitude and the fact that he raps in Punjabi, makes him very hardcore!
His style- Cool sikh, I’d say!





















I’m submerged! And this what I have from #gullygang right now. What’s next? Odd-cat’s version of Gully Boy. Or should I say Gully-Cat? Nah. 
Send in your thoughts… gully or not!


The famous awards need no introduction hence lets just straight away meet (drum rolls, please!) the best-dressed women at Oscars 2019! The excitement cannot be contained and I love how we all wait to give our comments (or simply admire or slam) on the celebs that walk the most talked about red carpet.

A little note: I don’t really believe in the concept of slamming celebs on their choices (at such events, particularly) in fashion! It makes for a fun convo (sometimes) but I’m in that “happy” state of mind, wherein I would love to celebrate women rather than shame them. All right then, let’s scroll!

#1 Lady Gaga
Let’s just say, every time she is walking the red carpet, it feels like “A Star is born”! Literally so at the Oscars, as she did an “Audrey Hepburn” is reborn look! The Alexander McQueen gown with a sculpted waist, the long gloves, and the $30mn yellow-diamond Tiffany necklace made her ever bit stand out and it became Oscars at Tiffany’s (more than Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen














#2 Charlize Theron
Oozing every bit of elegance and class, Charlize Theron totally slayed! The powder blue Dior gown, the Buglari Serpenti necklace, the red lip- a total winner and all we are saying is- You killed it, Charming Charlize!

Chalize Theron in Dior















#3 Emma Stone
Emma has a sense of style that gives her an edge- every. single. time. I really thought she would do the Tux and give me a break from the fairyland, but she didn’t. In fact, what she did was- make this fairyland worth my while. The strong-shouldered, amber-coloured custom Louis Vuitton was delectable and dynamite! Love, love, love!

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton


#4 Kiki Layne
There is definitely a lot of PINK this award season (and I must write about that) but somehow it’s being brilliantly worn. Kiki’s first time at the Oscars and she was an absolute stunner. Definitely got me pink-ed in her bow-back Atelier Versace gown & Atelier Swarovski jewels. What’s more to love? She got her mum as her date. Heart-melting!

Kiki Layne in Atelier Versace















#5 Rachel Weisz
This beauty tells us how to wear RED on the red carpet. Li’l bit of PVC, li’l bit of 3D embellishments, li’l bit of pleating, all hitting the right notes with this Givenchy Couture gown. And, that headband of Cartier jewels was a perfect addition. So beautiful, Rach.

Rachel Weisz in Givenchy Couture

















#6 Laura Harrier
Goegrousness! I was speechless to see Laura Harrier in this baby blue custom Louis Vuitton gown. Her bronzed skin looked radiant against the embellished blue outfit. And the diamond-emerald Bulgari necklace just made her shine a whole lot more. Also, her make-up was impeccable. What I’m singin’- Totally irresistible!
(On a side note: She also followed the Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge. The materials & embellishments of her gown are sustainably sourced. Yup- that is more than commendable!)

Laura Harrier in Louis Vuitton
















#7 Jennifer Lopez
If it’s about the red carpet, there has to be the ever-glamourous JLo! She was shining and working every bit out of that mosaic-mirror dress by Tom Ford. Stupendous! Phew, are you sweating?

Jennifer Lopez in Tom Ford
















#8 Allison Janney
One of my favorites! It was not just another ball gown…there were plenty, FYI! The black gown with a plunging neckline by Pamella Roland set new rules for the red carpet. Heart-shaped rubies by Chopard adorned her neck and I have to saw- she was The Showstopper, at 59! Yes, I have to mention her age to kind of rub it in your face… in a good way, of course!

Allison Janney in Pamella Roland

















#9 Irina Shayk
What’s stunning about Irina other than Bradley Cooper? Irina herself! Her open-back Burberry gown with a chain-detailed waist and chain-fringes on the sleeve was understated glamour. I loved the asymmetric bob and her happy face. Classy & Fabulous!

Irina Shayk in Burberry
















#10 Elsie Fisher
This one was hard! I honestly was done with my list at #9. But, I had to pick the final one. Elsie Fisher- simply because she wore a three-piece Thom Browne suit with a lot of attitude. The box bag, the tiepin, the bold gaze! Not always a red-carpet look but you know what- she had the attitude.

Elsie Fisher in Thom Browne


There were many celebs that are being talked about for Oscars best-dressed list. However, they aren’t on my list. You wonder why?

  • How much pink is too much pink? Kacey Musgraves, Gemma Chan, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson…. And so many more! I think my next write-up is “The Power of Pink” or The Pink Panther.
  • Thigh-high slits. Ok sure, they are sexy but my fashion-brain is kind of numb to it now. Unless, you really blow me away. And, that didn’t happen. Sorry, Regina, Brie or whoever.
  • In your face. I love OTT. I love being over-dressed. Trust me- because this site is named after that (ODDCAT- Overdressed cat). However, don’t be so in my face that I can’t feature you here simply because it’s a site takeover.

Have some humour, you guys! Send in your comments. Laziness is not a virtue 😉

All you shoppers out there, I hope y’all know that malls in Delhi are passé! If your true love is shopping (particularly for designer wear), you’ve got to visit Qutub, Mehrauli. More so now, because our Fashion Extravaganza is now LIT, thanks to the brand new Gaurav Gupta store.

Why, you ask? Visit the store and see for yourself!

Now, if you’re the kinds who is plain lazy and going anywhere feels like a trek (welcome to my world), I’ll give you a little more than a sneak peek. And hopefully, that will excite you to make that effort.

I was recently invited by our Delhi diva, Pooja Gogia to the unveiling of Gaurav Gupta’s latest collection at Lakmé Fashion Week, named The (Un)folding and the opening of the new store matched perfectly to everything couture.

Pooja Gogia with Gaurav Gupta

The greys and grooves welcome you to this delightful dungeon and instantly you’re transported to the FUTURE of FASHION.

The sculpted, expansive & futuristic clothing brings everything to life and you feel indulged (if you know what I mean)!

Gaurav Gupta Store

The store itself is HUGE and HUGE in a good way. Well laid out, with clothes sectioned-up beautifully. We know that clothes from GG are pieces of art and when the art is all over the store, it’s like Fashion Museum (just that you’re able to shop here)! Colour palette was conservative but very appealing- Black, Gold, Greys, Whites, Blues & Reds! Contemporary with hints of tradition are perfect for channeling your inner goddess.

Gaurav Gupta Store

Gaurv Gupta Store

And that wasn’t it… If you’re being spoilt with so much glamour, then why should men be left behind? Right? And anyway, once you have had a cheat day (in terms of all that shopping), you kind of feel obliged (for lack of a better word) to spoil you man too. Sweat not, the men’s section is oozing edginess and elegance at the same time. Yup, that’s one helluva combination!

So wheel right in and don’t blame us for another shopping spree!

PS: I almost forgot… you’d love the new little brooches!

Roll out the red carpet & raise some champagne…. award season is upon us! (To be honest, the red carpet is always out in my head but this isn’t about moi). To kick start my POV on all things hot this award season, I thought a round up on my favourite looks from the Grammy’s would be totally apt.

The Grammy’s this year was ahem… more covered up? Are we finally saying bye to the cleavage plunging till the navel, shock-inducing looks? I for one, welcome this change. It’s about time!

So here goes:

#1. Kylie Jenner- If you’re doing pink, do it like this one! No bubble-gum or fairy princess nostalgia, but straight up “POWER PINK” in Balmain & Lorraine Schwartz jewellery. She was the girl of the night IMHO!

Kylie Jenner in Balmain

#2. Lady Gaga- 2018 was all about Gaga and isn’t ready to let us forget it. She stunned in a subdued and classic (very different to the look she usually goes for) strapless high shine sequin Celine dress with Tiffany Platinum earrings and a wreath style necklace. Very old Hollywood. Long messy bob and yum Choo platforms made her “star of the night”.

Lady Gaga in Celine

#3. Miley Cyrus- Former wild child who is usually so out there with her fashion choices- chose to tone it down with a covered but oh-so sexy tux by Mugler (je t’aime). No shirt underneath gave us a hint of skin without being in your face naked. Her jewelry added the right amount of punk & spunk. Love it, Miley!

Miley Cyrus in Mugler





















#4. Chloe x Halle- The Bailey sisters gave me all sorts of goals- wardrobe goals, BFF goals, Grammy goals! Tulle & Textures played well upon their body types and gave them the star vibe. Bling is not the answer to red carpet always and they show us how. And, WOW!

Chloe x Halle in Isabel Sanchis

















#5. Janelle Monae- This reminds me of something at the Ascot races on acid. The dramatic shoulders and hat balanced out with minimal jewelry and pumps! Heart heart.

Janelle Monae in Jean Paul Gaultier




















 #6. Cardi B- How can I not? This girl basically blew up the red carpet and the awards with her best rapper win. TOTALLY well deserved, btw. She dressed to kill (or should I say survive) in a vintage archival 1995 clam-esque Thierry Mugler gown and posted a sweet video later to thank the designer and a not so sweet one to shut down the haters (you go girl!)

Cardi B in Archival Mugler


#7. Dua Lipa: Doing sexy and I know it in shiny Versace, this girl had me at Hello! The short bob and the Bulgari necklace lit her up I was blowing “one kiss” at a time!

Dua Lipa in Versace




















 #8. Jorja Smith- one word- WOW. The dress looks like it was sewn on to her. Head-to-toe Balmain with Bulgari Jewelry and super simple hair/makeup. Love-struck x 10!

Jorja Smith in Balmain


#9. Kacey Musgraves: Romantic, Ethereal & Breathtakingly beautiful, she presented how tulle gowns are really done. She chose this as a tribute to her album “Golden Hour”. The fan top and the red sash only added a touch more feminism and I am in love!

Kacey Musgraves in Valentino




















#10. Nina Dobrev- Now this is a look I’ve received mixed reviews on but I personally loved. Yes its nude, yes it’s simple and yes, there is barely any jewelry to speak of but there is something about it, which makes me happy. Always a fan girl!

Nina Dobrev in Dior





















Okay loves, that’s all I have for now. Do write in and share your favourite looks with me. Lots more coming soon. 


“Whatever it is, good or bad, it influences fashion,” Lagerfeld said. “You can see that in fashion quicker than in any other thing going on. Fashion is something that reflects our lives and times with the shortest release, because, cars, design and architecture take years to realize.”

He may have been gone but he last left something behind that is more than legacy. We would like to call it- Lagercy!

His role in Fashion is iconic, historic, and prolific! Dark tux, white hair (always in a ponytail), fingerless gloves, high-starched collar and the tinted glasses- his signature presence was more than just a look.

Lagerfeld said of his appearance: “I am like a caricature of myself, and I like that.”

With the net worth of $200 million, the highlight of his career remained the modern revival of Chanel where he led till date and also his continued collaboration with Fendi. A man of multiple talents, he was a fine photographer and shot many of his fashion advertisements which have been transformed into art books publsihed by Steidl.

And for the ones who have seen him and loved him only very recently, won’t ever forget the FAMOUS Karlito that he brought in with his Fendi Collabortion. Like he said- His creations are not something you need, but want. And, we all “wanted” that Karlito.

His Fashion Shows were more than a fashion week occurrence or in fact more than an Art Exhibit. From creating a fully functional Chanel Shopping Arcade to the installation of the full-scale Chanel-logo-embossed rocket ship that took off post-finale to featuring  “real waterfall”, he created larger than life experiences that would leave you mesmerised forever.

You will be missed, Karl, oh Karl! Here’s hoping- you are forever ALIVE in the world of fashion and the lagercy lives on.

Co-ords: Heck yeah!

We know the trend of co-ords has been around for a while and if you wear them right, it’s one trend that is going to be around forever. Trends usually come and go but this one’s a keeper (just like a good boyfriend/husband, lol).

So for my favourite “trend post”, I dug into my wardrobe yet again (I have no plans to shop for every post I put up) and thought of showing you some ways how you coord ‘em right. Let’s keep a few pointers in mind. Warning: These tips are for ladies who haven’t dared to wear the coords yet!

  1. Whenever you wear co-ords, let them be the highlight of your look! Don’t over-accessorize and steal away its charm.
  2. Introduce an element to your look, that accentuates the co-ord. Eg: You’re wearing print on print, wear something neutral (shoes, bag) that helps the print/ colour pop!
  3. Fuss-free hair! As women, we love our hair (short, long, curly, blonde doesn’t matter what we are sporting in the season) but keeping them simple while wearing co-ords helps you dial UP your glam quotient several notches. So think- natural blow dry, simple top-knot or a ponytail.

Velvet Coords With Crop Jacket

Printed Coords With Leather Jacket

Printed Coords With Leather Jacket

Blue & White Coords

Blue & White Coords

Checkered Coords

Dull-Gold Coords With Nude Pumps

Now, assuming you’re the kinds who like the idea of “how celebs wore it”, let’s dig in some more! From casual to chic, you get to see it all. 

You’re welcome!

Sonam Kapoor in Bhane

Olivia Palermo in Semsem

Kendall Jenner in Adidas Original

The week that was #nyfw! Doing top 5 picks was hard enough and then we fell in love and more love… The Romance, The Enigmatic ‘80s, The Grandeur, The Antiques, The Works! Don’t blame us if your lust list is bigger than your budget and your sleepless nights are now real. We call it “never enough syndrome” that dictates our closets. So if the “de-clutter” bug has bitten you, please look elsewhere. Thank you very much.

Here comes our top 3 (in addition to top 5). Fasten up, ladies!

Pick #1: Marc Jacobs- Say hello to EXTREME! Pantsuits- voluminous, Dresses- layered & ruffled & OTT, Capes- big. Just how we like it- O-D-D: over-dressed!




















Pick #2: Monique Lhuillier: Love ‘80s? Love exaggeration? Love shimmer? You are in fashion- heaven, dahling! Oozing every ounce of oomph with grace & style, you have just met your fashion soul mate. We are smitten, to say the least.






Pick #3: Oscar de la Renta: Oh no, don’t you be mistaken. We are not talking bridal here. Meet ready-to-wear pantsuits and dresses, where houndstooth is more than just a print. And, those carpet prints when recycled have never looked better. New wardrobe goals, anyone?














While we have shared our top #3 (after doing top #5), we think there were a few pieces here and there that we loved and think deserve a special mention. Keep scrolling darlings, there’s more!

J Mendel Fall Winter 2019


Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2019


Sally La Pointe Fall Winter 2019

Sies Marjan Fall Winter 2019

Zimmerman Fall Winter 2019

Rodarte Fall Winter 2019

Rodarte Fall Winter 2019

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2019

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2019

That’s it for now from NYFW Fall 2019! Loving fashion- every. single. day.

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